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Alexa Poteet, 2018

“Carnivores reads like a world unto itself — a world alive to salsa dances and middle-aged boricuas; to Madrid and Valencia; to Pablo Escobar’s hacienda between Medellin and Bogota; to the burial boys of Ebola in Monrovia, Liberia. This is a collection that is beautiful and engaged, distilled, and effusing with humor, imagination, a keen perception, and range.”
— Abayomi Animashaun Author, Sailing for Ithaca and The Giving of Pears


Babel On
Jonathan Lewis, 2017

“Reading Jonathan Lewis’s new book of poems is like spending a year in the company of a very observant and literate friend. A chance encounter on a glacier in Iceland, an injured sea turtle dying on a beach in Kona, a group of students caught in a monsoon, a woman feeding pigeons in London after a terrorist bombing: each perfectly captures a moment, as if you’d cupped it in your hands like one of his ‘green will o’ the wisps’ to admire its glow.”
— Karen Lyon, Hill Rag


Just Universes
Diana Smith Bolton, 2016


Just Universes is both broad and intimate in scope: Its poems take us from the sun-warmed gravel of a Mississippi driveway to the fountains of Barcelona; to the lonely, sea-like landscape of the Alps seen from above; to dark bars and darker autumns; to the strangeness and closeness between lovers. In her first collection of poetry, Diana Smith Bolton offers us a far-reaching and inward-reaching travel journal, a meditation on time, youth, and self-awareness that shines.

Time Trials
Jessica Lynn Dotson, 2015


The poems in Jessica Lynn Dotson’s debut chapbook Time Trials are observant, incisive forays into family, love, and disconnectedness. They speak in a low pitch, with a voice that both coolly scrutinizes pain and wholly understands its lasting power, teaching us that “The heart is a widow several times over, / but the lungs have each other. / No wonder it’s so hard to voluntarily / hold one’s breath.”

No Harbor
Mark McCloughan, 2014

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Philadelphia writer Mark McCloughan’s collection No Harbor is a collection of quiet yet pointed meditations on the self’s relationship to the other; to the multifarious, tactile world that alternately soothes and invades; and to the task of producing and living with poetry. No Harbor speaks to the murmuring undercurrents of human feeling, in which all “things perfect, precise, seemed / to fix and overwhelm, to parcel / to part all the misty, braided / longings of my heart.”


Best of 2013–2015

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A collection of some of our favorite poems from Lines + Stars online, published from 2013 through 2015.



“Flight,” Jessica Wright, 2015
Artwork by Alyssa Dennis


“Canoeing at Night,” Kevin Casey, 2015
Artwork by Alyssa Dennis