About Lines + Stars

Lines + Stars began in 2006 as a means of establishing a new creative forum in Washington, DC — a city that all-too-often coasts on its more mechanistic pursuits. As of 2017, we operate jointly out of DC and Baltimore, Maryland. While many of our contributors hail from DC and the mid-Atlantic area, we’ve also expanded our writer base to include national and international voices.

Lines + Stars welcomes poetry and short prose of all varieties. Both novice and seasoned writers are encouraged to submit; it is the strength of the work that ultimately determines its inclusion in our journal. We also publish the occasional book review or interview, often focusing on the work of a DC- or Baltimore-area writer or a publication by a small press. Currently (and unfortunately), we cannot offer any payment for the publication of your work.

About L+S Press

L+S Press is the book-publishing arm of Lines + Stars. Through L+S Press, we host the annual Mid-Atlantic Chapbook Series, which publishes a poet’s first chapbook-length collection. For details on eligibility, deadlines, and guidelines, click here.

L+S Press also publishes best-of anthologies, broadsides, and other projects.


To submit poems, short prose, or book reviews, please use our Submittable page. Please upload all of your work in the SAME document; do not submit individual pieces of writing separately.

All other editorial inquiries can be sent to editor@linesandstars.com. Submissions directly sent to this email address will be deleted unread.