There are lingering signs of the retro heyday on this New Jersey jetty
          Still a doo-wop resort town among these block condos
          It’s Roman Holiday, Isle of Capri against the sky
              The names burst forth with zippy shooting stars
              A sign for every letter blinks
                  neon neon neon

The off-peak visitor inspects the property and finds the palm fronds missing from the trunks
     This side and that side is the sea, the boardwalk, the sweets economy
              Add “crest” to the name and the price goes up
                ditto to “heights” and “villa”

The strollers come to be part of the new revival
          The populace quadruples and wears the same outfit
            Motels curve around the evaporating pools
          Pancake houses flap and hot dog stands stack up
          The grease comes with the territory and
              this seashore will last all season
                until it’s time for the rerun